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  • Are you really a psychic?
    Yes I am. I've been spiritual my whole life but I didn't start using my abilities for a career until 2016 when I had the time for it. I had to wait until all three of my children were in school full-time to focus on my new career as a psychic. Learning all about spirituality I didn't realize how much you have to study and put in for it in order to be as accurate as possible. With all the learning that I've accomplished with spirituality I'm able to try many different ways to read people and fun exercises that are also entertaining for my clients as well. I also teach some of my clients how to connect with their love ones and about meditation too.

  • What's the connection with you and David Bowie?
    When I was little I was a fan of him because of labyrinth and because of the band queen. As an adult I didn't realize I was a fan of his until he passed away and I was very sad about his passing. I had a Ouija board that I bought in 2015 I used it for about a year but I didn't really get anything out of it. When David Bowie died I felt the urge to use the board to connect with him. All I wanted to do was to say I was a fan of his and I'm sorry that he passed. It turned out it was more than that we started talking always haven't stopped talking since. When you open up your spirituality you're connecting with your spirit guides. And I didn't realize that David Bowie was going to be helping me spiritually get where I need to go. When David Bowie was alive he was into spirituality more than ever before. So David connecting with a psychic wouldn't be anything unusual for his taste. He actually got told in the 70s by a psychic when he was going to die. He was told between 68 and 70 and he died at the age of 69. He used those numbers and based him on the rest of his life to be able to get what he wanted to do before he passed away. David Bowie saved my life by helping me realize how I was being treated by those around me and what I had to do to change my life for the better. I definitely think it's weird to talk to people that have crossed over but knowing that I can makes me feel rested sure that there is life after year.

  • Do you really get a free reading when you purchase the book?
    Yes you do. I saw an interview with David Bowie on YouTube it was back in 1999 that he said this. The concept was if you buy this you also get this as well. I told David hey what if I give out a free 15 minute reading in exchange for the purchase of the book? He said that sounds amazing it will help people see how you get readings and to explore options and getting help in the meantime. I definitely call that a win win!

  • How does someone purchase a reading with you?
    All they have to do is either purchase my book and I will send them an email after they purchase the book to set up the appointment. Or they can call me and book a private reading it's only $50 for 50 minutes. 775-684-9690 is the number to call to book the reading.

  • What was the most craziest experience being spiritual?
    Ha! The adjustment of having spirits around you. Knowing how they are around you is a little bit creepy but you just have to train your eyes to know where to find them. There are times where there is a spirit sitting next to me and I hear a noise in my kitchen and I say oh my god what was that... and the spirit is like you were talking to a ghost and yet you're worried about a noise in the kitchen lol. Even to this day I get spooked myself as crazy as it sounds not during the daytime but at night time I do. I usually have to sleep with the lights on lol.

  • What have you done online that got you world famous?
    I'm world famous online through social media and because of Blog Talk Radio. I run a free radio s Program and give free angel card readings for those that call in and it is a global radio show. I've been doing Blog Talk Radio since 2017. Social media has allowed me to be all over the world but yet in the comfort of my own home. I've also discovered my writing talent I started doing blogs and getting noticed because of it. The response has been very positive with thousands of people visiting my website throughout the week. I have yet to be on television but I have met a lot of celebrities along the way. The celebrities I've met you can check out my gallery of all the people I've met throughout the years. Mostly from the television show Supernatural. I hope to one day get to see them all again and to work on a special project together. I keep feeling the vibe of television is coming soon only time will tell when that will happen and I look forward to it when it does.

  • Are you connected to any other celebrities besides David Bowie?
    Absolutely let me count the ways lol in my spiritual journey of connecting with those that have crossed over, I've met many talented people along the way such as Elvis Michael Jackson Freddie Mercury, Heath ledger,John Lennon, Shakespeare, Christopher Columbus, and Abraham Lincoln. Just to name a few. My first book is about David Bowie?s first year as a spirit and my first year learning about spirituality and also balance in my life. This first book is going to lead to other books about those that have crossed over that made headlines including criminals. I have a good balance with everyone that a crossed over I have yet to meet a spirit that is an asshole lol.

  • Wow John Lennon? What's he up yo in heaven?
    Jon is busy trying to comfort the world through the hard times. He is shocked by how the world has become a very scary place. He feels so shook up because people nowadays can't go to the grocery store without being afraid. A client of mine asked me how does he feel about today's music. He said it's not about the music anymore it's about autotune and a box it's not about the real true talent that's built within you. He says we need to talk about more talent instead of creating talent with a box. Most singers nowadays don't use their true potential with their abilities as an actor or singer. They need to bring back the music.

  • Do you have any special projects going on now?
    I'm in the process of writing my next book this one is about criminals that have made headlines and I'm interviewing them. It's definitely one of those books where people that are interested in crime dramas will go apeshit over. I know I'm having a field day with it right now! People think for me connecting with the criminals that I'm OK with what they've done. That is definitely not true what I am trying to do is get into their heads to find out why they did what they did. There's always a rhyme and reason for everything. Most people won't give them a time a day but I am allowing them a few moments of my time to get what they have to say out. I hope to help solve cold cases that I have made headlines such as what happened to Adam Walsh, Who really killed Lizzie Borden?s family? And what happened to JonBenet Ramsey? This book is going to be incredible!

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