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🐶Every $100 made $25 goes to local animal shelters to provide food toys treats and blankets for animals waiting to be adopted! This movement starts with you! Just know that when you purchase from clairvoyant for the soul you are also helping animals in need!🐾

At Clairvoyant For The Soul
We are here to give you answers to all your questions so you can have a peace of mind and less worries and continue your life journey in Harmony. Spiritual guidance is the new age therapy that helps provide comfort in a judgment free zone. Renee is an expert in the following topics:

dream interpretation
Financial advice 
Life Coach
Reiki Master 
& More

Renee has helped thousands of people since opening up Clairvoyant For The Soul. Renee is a writer/Author, Blogger, Clairvoyant, Life Coach & Mom

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My name is lady Stardust Renee welcome to space oddity radio spiritual gossip with Lady Stardust! Come get educated and learn about spirituality and not be so afraid of it. When people hear the word psychic medium or clairvoyant they run for the hills because they think it's phony. I am here to get you educated to learn that it's more than just reading people it's a lifestyle choice and change. It's a way of life! Also you can chime in on the topics that we talk about I will be having future guests on my show and I will be taking calls and giving free angel card reading's

please check out my website for booking inquiries


Blog 12: The difference between religion vs Spirituality 


Religion is there for people to learn about God and to learn the basics about life. What to do and what not to do. Religion is amazing to have because it helps you believe beyond what you can see in front of you. It also helps you understand about the past. How the world revolves is because of the past. From past experience we find out what works for society and what doesn’t work for society. That is why there are rules and regulations for everything. But did you know when you learn about spirituality that’s the second part of religion. Spirituality allow somebody to tap into answers from the universe. God is considered the universe. He created everything that is around us. But it’s our responsibility to do the right thing and to take care of everything on this planet. God created the world and and he gave us an opportunity to take care of it. Spirituality can be uncomfortable to certain people because they don’t understand what it truly is about. Those that are spiritual and help people with answers from the universe are guided by their spirit guide to help them give you the rules of what you need for your life. Not too many people in this world could handle the responsibility of spirituality. It comes with a price. There’s more to it than just reading someone it’s a lifestyle choice and change. It teaches you the true value of right versus wrong, and it also teaches you to be as accurate as possible with the truth. Spirituality needs to be blessed to say that answers are upon us you just have to find out who is willing to give you those answers. To tell if someone who is authentic as you need to connect with a psychic medium clairvoyant or intuitive person and play around with your options and see if they can make a connection with you. You want to ask questions about your past and present to be able to feel confident about the answers you receive about your future. Once you make a connection with them you can keep going with the same person or you can play around with all the people that are spiritual that’s why there’s more than one. If you feel you enjoy this blog please share it and invite people onto this website thank you so much God bless and have a wonderful day!

Renee Kendall

Clairvoyant For The Soul


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Stress anxiety depression








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you can donate to my PayPal for private readings or you can send a donation for a tip it's up to you please help support local schools to fill their library with brand new books

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Renee With Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki 

Life organization skills:

do you need financial advice?

are you trying to organize your bills?

do you have a lot of clutter in your home that you need to organize?

do you have a lot of negative energy around you that you need to get rid of?

I am also a life organizer when it comes to trying to maintain a balance in your life. Home organizing is just the beginning. Sometimes there are people that clutter you that you need to safely remove from your life even if they are family. People come to me for help for guidance and support with organizing their life no matter the topic.

relationship help with space oddity life coach services

do you think your spouse is cheating on you?

is there lots of stress or anger in the home and you need assistance?

want to wake up the magic in your relationship?

trying to understand your partner but not getting through?

wanting to know if you're with your soulmate?

want someone to notice you?

I can help with all these things and more dealing with all things with your relationship I help people find balance and take care of their insecurities about who they are with and why they are there. I've helped people realize there with the wrong person I've also help them realize that they are with the right person they just have to look at it at a different angle. I've helped thousands of people with relationship situations to help them with balance closure and finding peace and harmony with their relationship.


 with all the shootings going on in the world and all the violence the bullying needs to stop.  Inspirational quote of the day don’t be an asshole!  Whatever happened to manners and respect for one another?!  We now live in a world where we can’t go to the grocery store without being afraid that we won’t make it home .  We need to quit judging people by what they like.  We are individuals and we do things differently if we were all the same life would be very boring.  Embrace your identity .  Please  help spread awareness of bullying by paying it forward.  Help somebody  cross the street open up doors for people pay for somebody’s meal  help a homeless person get a hot meal and a shower .  Doing these things can make you a better person and paying it forward can help them realize not everybody is an asshole . 

 If you know someone who is being bullied or you want to better yourself by being a better person I can help guide them in the right steps .  Please purchase a reading with me $25 for an hour and it’s buy one get one free .  We all need to stop being enemies and judging people by what they do .  

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