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Renee Bowie is a natural born Clairvoyant. Her incredible abilities will shock and amaze you! Renee Loves animals! She has a warm heart and soul. She has been all over the world via social media platforms seen by millions! She has helped thousands of people in the last four years receiving advice with Renee's private services and her advice from her incredible books that she writes. She also has written plenty of blogs along the way as well.
Renee Grew up in Massachusetts. She moved to Northern Nevada in 2001 and currently lives there now. She can take clients from all over the USA & Canada. 
If your a fan of The tv show Supernatural then you will LOVE how Renee is. She can relate to Sam Winchester & Dean Winchester. If your a fan of Gray's Anatomy tv show and know about the Izzy & Denny story then you will love Renee as well! She is just like Izzy. She was a med student in 2001-2002, she was in a bad marriage, met someone In 2016 who was in influence when she was a kid. He helped her find hope and helped her get on her feet after divorce. His name is David. You can read about it in her tell all ebook. You can purchase it below!Removing negativity in people & Animals lives. Renee faced a near death experience with drugs in 2011- January 2016 and was saved by someone Who is intuitive that reached out to her to help her get clean. If it wasn't for this man reaching out to her she would be dead.

She's been on local radio in Reno Nevada and on Blog Talk Radio! Everyone loves her because she is so down to earth and kind hearted to her clients that they run back for more! Some say she is their Spiritual BFF! Renee will tell you what her guides say for you and she tells the truth. Please go get a copy of her new book now! It's a 5 part ebook! Scroll down the website to purchase Now! Learn how she got her start as a professional Intuitive Life Coach.
Her price is $25 for 35 minutes service.Her sessions are Donate base. Every $100 Donated $25 goes to a charity or person in need! Renee loves to support children & animals!
Free ONE question by Text only Please Text
Same Number for booking a private appointment Too!
Hours: 8am pst-8pm pst Sunday- Thursday 
Friday: 8am-5 Pm pst Saturday 3pm pst-8pm pst
payment: PayPal Or Invoice 
Invoice email:
June & July charities are: St Jude Hospital & Carson City Animal Shelter Every $100 made from the Ebook goes to St Jude Hospital
Her talents include:
🔹Clairvoyant Ability 

🔹Relationship Advice 

🔹Stress, Anxiety & Depression Help

🔹Spirit Communication 

🔹Animal Communication Alive & Crossed Over

🔹Career Advice

🔹Financial Advice

🔹Grieving & Loss Advice

🔹Meditation Advice

🔹Intuition Readings ( Also known as "Psychic Readings")

🔹Health Issues: Renee is medically intuitive she can pick up on health problems but she's not a doctor. She lets you know what to be aware of. And sees past present and future health related issues. 

🔹& More She's Open to challenges!

🌫When you get a session with Renee Bowie you are paying for her time NOT her advice. Her advice is FREE but her TIME isn't FREE. 

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🔹To ask your One FREE question 
Text Renee Bowie:775-684-9690
Located in Reno Nevada area 
USA & Canada Clients only Phone & Chat available Now!
$25 For 35 minutes Phone or chat
Chat is 10 questions Only 
🔹Payment all major credit cards & debit cards accepted 
Apple Pay only

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Renee Bowie's Test Results: I'm A Combo of One And Two Personality Type & Being Attacked by Two People With Personality Type 4! It's Shocking!

if you wanna know where I got my experience to do this personality test purchased my e-book to learn more about where all got started! You can purchase it below!!

 Here are some rules of the road for some of the best advice for a long lasting relationship.

🔹 if someone is more focused on the purchase versus the product meaning they're more focused on what you look like versus your character run as fast as you can! they're only focused on themselves and how you make them look.
🔹 when meeting someone the first impression makes a huge impact. If you hit it off, go with it and see where it leads. If they treat you horrible, walk away and never look back.

🔹 when you’re getting into a relationship the first step is friendship and getting to know the person before you give the title boyfriend and girlfriend.

🔹 you also want to see how they buckle under pressure as well one of the simplest ways is to see how they are when Wi-Fi doesn't work.
🔹 this can take up to the first three months to get to know someone before you tie down with them. During this time you were able to date and go places to see how they respond to these simulations.

🔹 take them to different restaurants. Watch how they are at a fast food restaurant versus a sit down restaurant. Watch how they eat, check out their manners & and see how they respect the workers there.

🔹 take your date to any place where it’s competitive a bowling alley or  miniature golfing and see how they are when they have to compete against the opposite sex. Men can have a hard time with being beat by a woman. These type of people are the ones that have a higher percentage of trying to take control and living in the days where women don’t have rights.

🔹 keep an eye out for how they treat you. If they are trying to change you into a person that doesn’t exist prevent it by simply saying no. 

🔹 if you can’t say no to someone you are afraid of how they will respond to you such as being offended By your questions or actions. If you really say yes to somebody when you really mean no you are actually bullying yourself because you’re forcing you to do something that you really  don’t want to do.

🔹 you are allowed during those three months of dating. Holding hands, hugging ,kissing and to go as far as you’d like. It’s all about comfort. If you’re not comfortable with someone, move along and find someone who enjoys you just as much as you enjoy them.

🔹 you are trying to find someone who you are very compatible with. If you don’t know what you like then you’re not ready to date anybody yet. If you know what you like and you see that they like the stuff that you like chances are you’ll get along great.

🔹 when you’re with somebody new you really can tell how somebody is by who they hang out with the most. If you’re with a troublemaker chances are so are you. If you’re aware or they are a troublemaker but you were not it means you were allowing trouble to be around you and it can affect you trying to be a better person.

🔹 if you’re with somebody and they have to be controlling and they’re forcing you to change for them in a bad manner for them run as fast as you can because that is not healthy at all.


If you feel this information has helped you through the process of finding your soulmate you are welcome! If you feel that you could use some more advice pertaining to your current situation to find out if you are with a good person and need some assistance, scroll down and purchase a session and talk to our professional about your relationship and see if it’s a match for you.


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