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have you ever enjoyed reading a book about struggles to triumph? This book is perfect for you! Discover what it's like to try to be spiritual and be emotionally attacked by those around you. Renee was saved by spirituality at the nick of time. She discovered she had abilities and wanted to work with them but her family hated them. She didn't give up on her dreams because her family told her to stop. Renee is truly an incredible person to be able to survive all the crazy shenanigans that went on in 2016. That includes getting off pills that she was addicted to for seven years on her own, I was and still receiving abuse of verbal mental and emotional abuse by family and so-called friends, divorce ,homelessness and trying to build a name for herself in the Psychic community all in one year! Her book is like a diary it takes you on month-to-month as to what she went through! Purchased her book by clicking the photo above it will take you to go get yours today and help a family in need!

Global Intuition 

🔮intuitive  🔎investigations

Helping solve mysteries of current events, call cases& investigations going on in your world.
Giving you inspiration motivation and answers since 2016


$25 for 45 minutes 


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No Refunds The advice is free you're paying for Renee Bowie's time. 
By Appointment Only

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🔹Stress 🔹Anxiety 🔹Worries 🔹Depression 🔹Relationship 🔹Career 🔹financial 🔹Health 🔹Sleep 🔹Meditation 🔹Reiki Healing & More

Renee Bowie gets her information from her own personal experience in life and her own intuition. Her own intuition has helped thousands of people get direct information for them it's like knowing a topic without having to do the research and it validates itself. You will be amazed how direct she is for you and you will come back for more because she is known to be friendly kind and a sweetheart! Let Renee be your new BFF! 
❤️3. Call Renee Bowie for payment & set up schedule and appointment/s
Payments all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal Accepted
“ I look forward to helping you with all your emotional support needs!” 
-Renee Bowie

“The best advice on the planet!! I will never go to anyone else. She’s the best!”
-Lena R.

“ Renee Bowie will become your new BFF”
-Sarah P.

“Renee was so helpful during my divorce. She helped me find myself again!”
-Elizabeth S.

“I can’t believe how direct she was with my situation. I love how she can understand my problems because she dealt with it too!”
-Amanda L.

 The three levels of intuition :

  1. Learning by experience. You buy a bookshelf and you read the directions and you get the experience of knowing how to build the bookshelf.

  2. Natural abilities of knowing things without experience or knowledge of the situation: Naturally knowing how to build the bookshelf without the directions and you actually do a better job than the directions themselve

  3. Acting as if you have done things with experience and acting as if you have the knowledge of everything but all in all you have no clue how to do anything because you don’t want to follow the rules or directions and you think you can do it but actually you need the most help but you’re too stubborn to realize you don’t carry these natural talents. It’s like buying a bookshelf and adding duct tape to the flaws because you’re too stubborn to actually read the directions.


Renee Bowie's clients always come back for more because Renee carries both the first two levels of intuition. Renee has personally experienced a lot of craziness of life such as divorce, abuse, stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, Parent skills, and so much more. Renee also carries the gift of naturally knowing things without the research and later on it validates itself when her clients come back and tell her that she was right about the advice she gave them.

Go book  a session  with Renee Bowie today! Details Below!



Meet Renee Bowie

All about Renee Bowie:
🔹 She's been working as a professional Psychic medium advisor since 2016

🔹She is 35 years old & a mom of 3!
🔹 Her ability is a clairvoyant and she was born with abilities that are absolutely remarkable.

🔹 Her abilities are incredible! Real authentic intuitive advice not from a book.

🔹Renee wrote her first book called "if you give a mom a chance" it takes you on a journey of why she got started as a psychic. You can purchase the book online on her website scroll down to purchase! Only $3.50 eBook
🔹 She is located in Northern Nevada outside of Reno. Phone Or email sessions. Her business is for USA and Canada Only.
🔹 Renee makes you feel comfortable and secure it’s like you’re talking to your BFF!
🔹 she uses special techniques with meditation with her sessions and she is able to describe you everything she sees as if you’re reading a book. 
🔹 She gives fully detailed information 100% genuine abilities.
🔹 Renee feels you don’t have to charge an arm and a leg for giving people advice. 

🔹Renee loves her job every single day and loves being able to help people with guidance and advice. She is America's Sweetheart! Everybody loves how she is kind hearted sweet hearted and cares for all people and animals. 
🔹 Renee has been on local radio and she has her own radio show on Blog Talk Radio! She also did an interview with supernatural magazine located in the United Kingdom you can read that on the website scroll down below .Check out her visit on Alice 96.5 morning radio show YouTube video on her website below!

 Here are some rules of the road for some of the best advice for a long lasting relationship.

🔹 if someone is more focused on the purchase versus the product meaning they're more focused on what you look like versus your character run as fast as you can! they're only focused on themselves and how you make them look.
🔹 when meeting someone the first impression makes a huge impact. If you hit it off, go with it and see where it leads. If they treat you horrible, walk away and never look back.

🔹 when you’re getting into a relationship the first step is friendship and getting to know the person before you give the title boyfriend and girlfriend.

🔹 you also want to see how they buckle under pressure as well one of the simplest ways is to see how they are when Wi-Fi doesn't work.
🔹 this can take up to the first three months to get to know someone before you tie down with them. During this time you were able to date and go places to see how they respond to these simulations.

🔹 take them to different restaurants. Watch how they are at a fast food restaurant versus a sit down restaurant. Watch how they eat, check out their manners & and see how they respect the workers there.

🔹 take your date to any place where it’s competitive a bowling alley or  miniature golfing and see how they are when they have to compete against the opposite sex. Men can have a hard time with being beat by a woman. These type of people are the ones that have a higher percentage of trying to take control and living in the days where women don’t have rights.

🔹 keep an eye out for how they treat you. If they are trying to change you into a person that doesn’t exist prevent it by simply saying no. 

🔹 if you can’t say no to someone you are afraid of how they will respond to you such as being offended By your questions or actions. If you really say yes to somebody when you really mean no you are actually bullying yourself because you’re forcing you to do something that you really  don’t want to do.

🔹 you are allowed during those three months of dating. Holding hands, hugging ,kissing and to go as far as you’d like. It’s all about comfort. If you’re not comfortable with someone, move along and find someone who enjoys you just as much as you enjoy them.

🔹 you are trying to find someone who you are very compatible with. If you don’t know what you like then you’re not ready to date anybody yet. If you know what you like and you see that they like the stuff that you like chances are you’ll get along great.

🔹 when you’re with somebody new you really can tell how somebody is by who they hang out with the most. If you’re with a troublemaker chances are so are you. If you’re aware or they are a troublemaker but you were not it means you were allowing trouble to be around you and it can affect you trying to be a better person.

🔹 if you’re with somebody and they have to be controlling and they’re forcing you to change for them in a bad manner for them run as fast as you can because that is not healthy at all.


If you feel this information has helped you through the process of finding your soulmate you are welcome! If you feel that you could use some more advice pertaining to your current situation to find out if you are with a good person and need some assistance, scroll down and purchase a session and talk to our professional about your relationship and see if it’s a match for you.


Renee Bowie

My theory on the Lizzie Borden case
🔹 Mr. Borden was known to have sex with his daughters.
🔹 The maid found Mr. Borden in the basement with the daughters having sex.
🔹 The maid tried to tell Mrs. Borden and what she saw in Mrs. Borden Didn’t believe her.
🔹 The maid made a decision to remove the girls from the home by inviting them to their cousins house.
🔹 The next morning on August 4th The maid poisoned Mrs. Borden and Mr. Borden with their morning coffee.
🔹 mr. Borden left to go to work. During this time the maid was keeping an eye on Mrs. Borden. Mrs. Borden tried to reach out to the maid because she started to vomit and shake. But the maid did nothing about it because she wanted her dead.
🔹 once Mrs. Borden stopped shaking and stopped breathing they maid got the ax and proceeded to use the ax until she felt Mrs. Borden learned a lesson.
🔹 mr. Borden came home and the maid was shocked that he survived being poisoned. He told the maid that he was going to lay down on the couch because he was deathly ill he couldn’t keep anything down.
🔹 she was completely shocked that he was still breathing. When he closed his eyes to take a nap she grabbed a pillow and suffocated him. Until he stopped moving and breathing.
🔹 she then got the ax and used it on him as many times as she could until she got tired. 
🔹 she was never accused only because she cleaned up the best that she could.
🔹 Lizzie got blamed for it because the stepmother was bringing clothes into the bedrooms and her blood ended up on one of Lizzies‘s dresses.
🔹 Lizzie was acquitted of all charges because she was not there during the time of the murders it was documented.
🔹 Lizzie suffered for years of having to abandon her family, and people mocking her and throwing stuff at her and calling her a murderer even though she didn’t do it. 
🔹 The maid takes full responsibility for the death of Mr. Borden and Mrs. Borden. But I also feel justice was served because Mr. Borden was hurting the children and Mrs. Borden was unaware of it. 
🔹 if anybody is telling you that somebody is hurting your children or know someone who is hurting somebody please take note of it or else you can end up dead.

My Theory  on Paul Walker’s death
🔹 Paul and Roger went for a joyride in the car.
🔹 during the joy ride they were followed by paparazzi.
🔹 during the ride there was a blue vehicle with two men of Hispanic dissent wearing lanyards and having cameras.
🔹 during the car ride this blue vehicle was going up to the driver side of the vehicle where Roger was at and then pulling back and getting up to the bumper of the car and then going to Paul’s side of the vehicle sticking their cameras outside the vehicle.
🔹 once they figured out what was going on Paul said to Roger they could kill somebody one day you watch. And it’s shocking to know of what happen next.
🔹 they decided to take a back road back to the event for the charity to try to confuse the paparazzi but they stayed with them the whole time. 
🔹 Paul said to Roger it’s time to smoke them out.
🔹 Roger quickly made a decision to floor it.
🔹 they tapped at speeds around 86 miles an hour. In an area where the limit is 45 miles an hour.
🔹 with the speeds that they were going there was raised bumps on the road that caused the grooves of the tires and the raised bumps on the road causes the vehicle to hydroplane with no water on the road.
🔹 when the vehicle started to act like it was starting to get out of control Roger knew and Paul knew that there was no coming out of it because the steering locked up. 
🔹 Paul was found in a position where he was expecting a hit to happen with his arms protecting his head.
🔹 in the autopsy report they said they found Soot from the smoke in his lungs thanking that he was alive after they hit. He passed away as soon as they crashed but his body did the natural state when you begin to pass away by having involuntary breathing motions right before your body shuts down.
🔹 both Paul and Roger want everybody to know that they are OK. And they wanna thank everybody for the love and support and respect for everybody that knew them personally. And they truly thank everybody that was there at the crash site with flowers and candles and love.
🔹 please watch the video below the people in the blue car are responsible for their death.

‼️You will not test positive for marijuana what is tested for a drug test for marijuana is THC CBD oil does not have THC in it‼️

These celebrities and television shows have help me keep my head above water.

The cast of Supernatural
David Bowie's kids Duncan Jones & Lexi Jones

The cast of fuller house and full house

The cast of Bohemian Rhapsody and the band Queen

The cast of the fast and the furious

The Muppets


The cast of Harry Potter

Katy Perry

The tones and I

Ozzy Osbourne

The cast of SpongeBob

The cast of fresh Prince of Bel Air

Jim Carrey

Gabriel Iglesias

Marilyn Manson

Theresa Caputo 

thank you from the bottom of my heart for being in my life without you I probably wouldn't exist with all the stress I've been through.

finding my spirituality in 2016 caused me to have a looking point to see if he can do it so can I. My spirituality is connected to Sam Winchester from the TV show supernatural it sounds crazy but it's true. I wanted someone who would be able to handle anything that's thrown at them at any given time and I am able to do that. My wish is to hug Jared Padalecki and say thank you for having Sam Winchester exist because if it weren't for him existing I probably wouldn't either. 

I also want to thank Candace Cameron for having a wonderful character for me to look up to to judge my character for my children as DJ fuller! I looked at her and said if she can raise three kids on her own with the help of her friends and family so can I and I'm in the process of gaining custody of my children in the next couple of weeks I already have a game plan prepared as to how I'm going to be as a mom full-time again!

Watch my video below and I'll tell you the story as to have my spirituality is connected to the TV show supernatural

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