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Blog 14: 2016 The Year I changed my life


My name is Renee Kendall for those who don’t know who I am I am an intuitive life coach also known as a psychic or clairvoyant. In 2016 shortly after David Bowie died I discovered my abilities to see beyond what I could see and understand what life was really about and how to read people. When David Bowie came into my life I was a struggling wife with a drug addiction and trying to be a positive influence with my children. When I connected with David Bowie I was on a seven-year binge of popping Percocet up to 14 a day. When I discovered I had the ability to reach out to spirits by using my Ouija board I wanted to reach out to David Bowie because I felt the need to. My mother and I both knew I had a drug problem but we don’t know why. David Bowie told me why on a Ouija board. 


He said your numbing yourself because you have an enabler. Your enabler is your soon to be ex husband. Once I figure that out that I was with someone that was mentally emotionally and sexually abusing me for the last seven years of my marriage I quickly shook out of it and tried my best to get away from the situation by trying to cause my marriage to go to divorce. 

I started to notice I felt safer with David Bowie spirit versus my then husband. That Has to mean something somewhere in life to say that you feel safer with a ghost versus someone that you were married with. David Bowie help me get through my divorce and get through the hardest times in my life between 2016 to 2020. I’ve been dealing with a nasty custody battle for the last four years and being accused of crazy accusations that make no sense. And when it didn’t make sense to law-enforcement they dismissed everything. Therefore back at square one as to how I get my kids back full-time. 


I feel the need to speak out about this because there are plenty of people out there that deal with enablers mentally emotionally sexually or physically abusing you for their own satisfaction and enjoy your failures. I am in the process of going to court in the next couple of weeks to gain my kids back. This should be a time to celebrate in my life but there are people in my life that are not agreeing upon this simply because I am spiritual that is it. Spirituality does not define you your character does. I worked hard to be able to get where I’m at today including getting sober on my own and finding out the solution which is simply stay away from assholes and you won’t go down that drug road anymore. I also found a positive medicine that I take that changed my life forever and actually does serve a purpose and won’t kill me and that is the lovely plant of marijuana. I don’t need much to take care of my depression and my anxiety at most maybe 15 mg if I’m having a very bad day. 


There are some people in my life that think that me using marijuana is going to jeopardize my chances of being with my kids. The answer to this question is it will never interfere with my children's lives because when my kids are not with me is when I use. When my children come visit me I don’t need it because they make me happy. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to be going through a lot of stages of overwhelming enjoyment sadness and being content with what the judge has to say when my kids come back to me. Being an intuitive person I can feel my children already back in my presence every time they visit me. I can feel their energy closer than ever before. I’m looking forward being able to be a full-time mom again and being able to function on a day-to-day basis and I’m ready to take on motherhood again this time the right way. Sometimes all you have to do to be a better person is simply get a divorce if you’re not happy in your marriage or relationship there’s a simple solution safely leave by signing those papers or walking away and saying never again will I have an enabler. When someone is sucking the life out of you and you don’t want to be around them that’s not love that’s fear that’s hate. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind when you’re not happy. 


Please help me by donating to my PayPal or by purchasing my story to learn how my intuitive self found my career and how David Bowie walked me through my first year as a single divorced mom. The proceeds go towards preparing for my children to come home by getting them bunkbeds clothing toys school supplies and keeping their minds occupied and to heal from mental and emotional abuse. Thank you for reading my blog and please check out my website and come and get a reading! purchase my book! share my story!

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