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Welcome to  Lady Stardust Renee Spiritual Advisor website.  Renee is an incredible clairvoyant who can use her amazing spiritual abilities with 98%  accuracy to help guide her clients on the right path. She uses guided meditation to help her see every question and situation and to give the best information for her clients at all angles. Renee is one of a kind. She has built a name for herself on social media with help of Blog Talk Radio. When you get a reading with Renee she makes you feel comfortable and safe like your talking to your best friend. Her clients end up coming back for more because of her soft tone and kind heart. Her services are always Trusted and Respected. If your  interested please give her a call.


Renee also does horoscope readings she uses the signs for people, and time frames 

Renee is a Life Advice Expert with Relationships, Career, Family, Marriage , stress, anxiety & depression & More

No Refunds

Global Service by phone, email, text, video chat

$25/60 minutes Retail value: $125

Buy one get one FREE! No one else is doing this! Grab it while you can! 

always under  competitor rates 

please join Lady Stardust Blog Talk Radio Show! 6 pm pst 9pm est


call 323-870-3862

line opens up 15 minutes before showtime 

free psychic readings on the show only


Supernatural Investigations book 1: Renee Kendall is an incredible Spiritual Advisor who had to keep her abilities quiet for as long as she could to love a normal life as much as possible. In 2016 she experienced a supernatural  phenomenon that woke up her third eye to the point of hearing spirits in under 2 months.  She came out to her family as a clairvoyant and her family  decided that they wanted no part in it and stepped back from Renee’s life .  this book take she won her first year as an open clairvoyant . She wrote this book as a diary going a whole year of experiences from January 2016 to January 2017 . she experienced a spiritual awakening , going through sobriety , going through divorce , also going through being homeless for nine months , and also trying to be a better mom in the mix of it all . Please learn all about Renee and her incredible journey through spiritual awakening and finding a balance with her spirituality . She hopes one day to have her book become a series on television and to show her work to the world . Enjoy!

email Renee to get your copy of her book after you tip so she can email you a copy

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St Jude Donations in honor of Lady Stardust’s  35th Birthday in August! Every Reasing a portion goes to St Jude Hospital! Please help support thank you!

Hire Lady Stardust as your personal advisor! 

$300/ one year of service 

unlimited texings

daily weekly or monthly calls available as well 

& video chat

call Renee @ 775-684-9690

Read a Thon starts now! Lady Stardust is moving to her new apartment next week she wants to do 50 readings by August 15th please click this photo to hear about the read a thon. 

All readings help support her move! Thank you so much 

$15/30 minutes 

$25/60 minutes

$100/3 months of service 

call Renee 775-684-9690 for booking inquiries 

 with all the shootings going on in the world and all the violence the bullying needs to stop.  Inspirational quote of the day don’t be an asshole!  Whatever happened to manners and respect for one another?!  We now live in a world where we can’t go to the grocery store without being afraid that we won’t make it home .  We need to quit judging people by what they like.  We are individuals and we do things differently if we were all the same life would be very boring.  Embrace your identity .  Please  help spread awareness of bullying by paying it forward.  Help somebody  cross the street open up doors for people pay for somebody’s meal  help a homeless person get a hot meal and a shower .  Doing these things can make you a better person and paying it forward can help them realize not everybody is an asshole . 

 If you know someone who is being bullied or you want to better yourself by being a better person I can help guide them in the right steps .  Please purchase a reading with me $25 for an hour and it’s buy one get one free .  We all need to stop being enemies and judging people by what they do .  

We take all major credit cards and debit cards ,PayPal and invoice 

    email usour twitterour facebook page linkdin instagram
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    email usour twitterour facebook page linkdin instagram
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