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Welcome All!
🎄A Christmas miracle🎄

Promotional Deal $25/60 minutes details below check out my website 

A Christmas miracle has happened! After a four year custody battle. My children are coming home by the end of January! I need to raise $1500 within the next two weeks to purchase a triple bunk bed for my children. There are 4 ways that you can help support this:

Purchase our story $5 ebook

Purchase our long sleeve shirt $20

Donate whatever you’d like to our PayPal

If you can’t donate please share our website with as many people as you can. Link in bio to donate today



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Your donations are appreciated and valued thank you so much for your continued support


this long sleeve shirt is the giving tree shirt! All the money donated from selling of the shirt will go to The charity of the month. Please check out the charity of the month and go purchase my book to help!

Mother's Intuition🔮

Helping Women Connect With Their Soul

Donation Readings Helping People & Charities 

Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor, Blogger, Writer & Mom

Being a mother can be very difficult at times. Sometimes it can be a struggle just to get out of bed. A mother‘s job is one of the most hardest jobs in existence. You have to balance your life and you have to help your children as well. Some women make it look easy but don’t let that fool you. If you need help finding your mother vibe you’ve come to the right place! Renee Kendall is a world renowned Intuitive Expert and mother. She has helped thousands of women find a balance in their lives. don’t miss this opportunity!

Details Below

Call Renee Today 775-684-9690

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Promotional Deal: $25 for 60 minutes 

promo deal ends December 31st

January 1st new price: $40 for 60 minutes 




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Opportunity Of A Lifetime 

We are looking for women age range between 24- 40 Who would like to try an unbelievable experience with finding balance and answers with your life. If you have struggles with the following things:
If you said yes to any of these struggles
 Contact World Renowned Renee Kendall she’s is an internet sensation! She has helped thousands of people find guidance and balance and now wants to help you! book now! 
contact below

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Call 323-870-3862

6pm pst Daily! 


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To purchase my book please scroll down and check out my website for prices for booking inquiries and to purchase my book

Listen to my story as to how my sons birth changed my life forever! You don’t want to miss this story! I mothersintuition to the extreme!

Shocking TRUE STORY!



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this is our story check out what happened to my kids and myself in 2016!
a viral story in the making...

Before the end of January my children will be living with me full-time. For those that don’t know my story I’ve been dealing with a four year nasty custody battle with my ex-husband. It’s been a lot of stress and anxiety on myself and my children for what we’ve been through. Too much stress and anxiety can cause so much emotional distress on a child’s soul Mind & body. Once my kids are back with me I want my kids to experience happiness like they’ve never experienced before. Whenever I’m with them currently I make sure they get love and support and entertainment as much as possible. Such as going to the movies enjoying a nice meal out and doing things locally. Because I know they’re not getting that at home with their dad. Please help support an amazing cause. I need to raise $3000 before the end of January so I can move into a bigger place for my children. I currently live in a one bedroom apartment. Please purchase my book for one dollar and you can learn how difficult it’s been for my children and myself.

purchase book below

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this is the bunkbed I would like to get my children: $1500 Will cover the cost of the bunkbeds the mattresses and the beddings. Please help support this amazing cause!

Charity of the month:

November 28th - December 28th

The month has finally arrived to raise money for my children to come home after a  four years of a crazy custody battle! I worked extremely hard to get this far and I can’t wait for my kids to come home. Please help raise $3000 before the end of January to help me prepare to move to a bigger place so my kids can live with me. Your help is truly needed and we are blessed for your support and love! Please check out the rest of the website and have yourself a blessed day.

Life Expert: Renee Kendall
Question of the day: 
What is it like when you get my Advice from me?

1. I make sure when you get advice for me that you are comfortable and  relaxed.  Light breathing exercise or a little bit of Smalltalk to start. ( my phone skills feel gentle and soft with my voice and that alone helps my client relax a little bit more) (not a high fast pace vibe)

2. I asked my client what is the general focus point that they want me to pinpoint. In most cases it can be as simple as relationship or career concerns. Sometimes I have to ask some questions to make a connection other times it just comes right at me without having to try at all.

3. During the session anything can happen as to what wants to come forward. The answers that come to me are as followed  vibes, taste ,images ,feelings & sounds.

4. I inform anything that comes through to my client and I asked them to be open minded about the information I give. And to be aware of their surroundings. And as always I make sure my client is satisfied with the service that I gave them.
If you would like to get service from me link in bio

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Blog 13: Did I find a cure for my Multiple Sclerosis?


My name is Renee Kendall. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis May 14th 2005. I was 20 years old when I got the devastating news of my illness. I was suffering from symptoms of multiple sclerosis since 2013 after I graduated high school. I noticed I started to have heat intolerance during the summertime. And then it escalated to being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I’m going to tell you my story and it will be shocking!

With having multiple sclerosis you come to terms with it and accept it that this is your new life. In my eyes I was no longer considered a normal person. A normal person can get up and do whatever they have to do and function and don’t have to worry about anything. I have to worry about having the strength to take a shower, The ability to get out of bed, The strength to go to the store and grocery shop. The strength to go to the store and grocery shop. Doing these basic things take more energy than a normal person to do. Look up the term spoon theory it will help you understand what living with a disease is like. I found out in my years of having this monster that stress is a trigger to the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Depression follows as well. One of the hardest things is when stress is around you 24 seven you can’t run from it you can’t hide from it it’s there with the naked eye.

Being around people is difficult for me ,especially if they’re known to cause stress and anxiety. I don’t work well under pressure and neither does multiple sclerosis. Whenever I’m around my family I’ve always felt like the black sheep of the family in general and ever since my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I never went to college and I knew that tore my father up. I married a person that my father knew I shouldn’t be around but I didn’t listen. I didn’t listen because I was able to create three beautiful blessings that I have in my life which are my wonderful children. It wasn’t easy having multiple sclerosis and being a parent and being very stressed and full of anxiety and depression. I had to do something crazy in order to make a difference in my life before something tragic happened. In 2016 I discovered I had a gift. The gift of spirituality. I decided to explore my spiritual options after the death of David Bowie.** disclaimer my family thinks David Bowie ruined my life and whenever they hear the word David Bowie it’s like saying the word Voldemort in harry potter it’s forbidden** I hope one day they wake up and realize David Bowie IS a hero** I made connections with David Bowie through a Ouija board I know it sounds crazy but it saved my life. Buying the Ouija board cost $25 it saved my life which is now considered priceless.
David Bowie made friends with me and help me be aware of my surroundings by waking up my spirituality. He taught me how to read people and objects and the reason for it is because there were people and objects in my life that were very harmful and could cause death to me. In April 2016 I found out that an object was going to hurt me. This object was a champagne bottle. And it was not going to hurt me by drinking the alcohol in the bottle. This champagne bottle when I read the object it said it was going to cause me a lifetime of pain. It was going to cause me to be paralyzed, judged, ridiculed and possibility of suicide. From one object… and this object was connected to somebody that was close to me that was going to use that on me. And was going to manipulate me into thinking that that object was safe. This person was a manipulator this person could make somebody buy a bag of shit for five dollars and convince that person that it’s worth it. When I saw this object I spoke with David Bowie and I personally thanked him for saving my life. He said I was doing my hero jobs and making sure that that never happened to my girl. I told David I’m not the victim of this incident because it was prevented, but let it be known there is somebody out there that could be the next victim, let's just say a prayer to make sure that they’re aware of their surroundings to make sure that that doesn’t happen to them.

He agreed and said I know for a fact that the next person is definitely better aware of their surroundings. After I saw the champagne bottle and made a promise to myself to never allow a person in my life that was going to cause me any harm including sexually. I made a pact with David Bowie that I will stay True to myself and become a born-again virgin until the right person comes along . And I’m proud to say four years later I am still a born-again virgin and fucking proud! After seeing the champagne situation I decided to look at criminals at a different angle. Given I was able to communicate with spirits I decided to talk with some criminals that have crossed over . I wanted to know why they did what they did . I talked with Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy. they told me there are two reasons why somebody becomes a criminal . It’s either Themselves or somebody pushes them over the edge that’s it. So you’re either bullied by someone or you yourself are bullying your own self to do bad . I was shocked by these results ! When I saw the champagne bottle I knew in my life that that was the next level of pain . Jeffrey Dahmer told me that he started off with curiosity of what does a bug look like inside . It started with a bug and it escalated to squirrels rabbits cats dogs and then people . The first victim is the biggest orgasm in existence . Most criminals get an orgasmic rash after doing bad such as robbing a bank and not getting caught . But when the high comes down they start looking at bigger acts terminal activity to up the level. And I knew the champagne bottle was the next level. My spirituality prevented the next level... I wrote a book about what really went down in 2016 you can purchase it below it’s only $1.

After that experience I made sure that my life passion is to help people be aware of their surroundings and to know what’s going on with their life from every aspect of the person so that way they are safe from any danger whatsoever. I have helped thousands of people because of this amazing opportunity of spirituality. in January 2019 I found THC.** disclaimer I live in the state of Nevada where it’s legal to smoke marijuana and to use THC products** please use marijuana responsibly and obey your marijuana laws** THC has help me with my multiple sclerosis and my spirituality in many different ways. It help me balance out my stress and anxiety in my life being able to sleep, eat and function and stay as normal (my normal) as I can. It has caused me so much positive in my life and it’s sad that society thinks that THC is a horrible drug. A horrible drug is having Zoloft for depression and the side effects are worse than the depression in itself. If I have depression and the side effects is suicidal thoughts your formula is wrong.

The side effects from marijuana are doable such as dry mouth, being hungry, Maybe an upset stomach, maybe a headache and that’s about it nothing too overpowering. I asked my doctor about marijuana and what I read off of him just like how I did the champagne bottle, the only thing that came off of my doctor was that he wasn’t going to get the commission for writing the prescription for me and getting the credit for marijuana. Nothing came off of him saying that it was going to cause harm to me to use marijuana. That’s when I started the journey of it in January after I spoke with my doctor. I decided not to smoke it but to use thc oil. It has been a blessing in my life and I’ve noticed since taking it I had an MRI done in July 2019 and my doctor said that it was perfect that I was stable and that my multiple sclerosis was low-grade multiple sclerosis. I don’t feel I cured my multiple sclerosis. I feel I found a treatment that works. This is my treatment:

THC oil

And staying away from assholes. Please check out my website and please purchase my book to learn more about my story as to how my spirituality started and why David Bowie is my hero! You can purchase the book below! Only $1!

-Renee Kendall

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 with all the shootings going on in the world and all the violence the bullying needs to stop.  Inspirational quote of the day don’t be an asshole!  Whatever happened to manners and respect for one another?!  We now live in a world where we can’t go to the grocery store without being afraid that we won’t make it home .  We need to quit judging people by what they like.  We are individuals and we do things differently if we were all the same life would be very boring.  Embrace your identity .  Please  help spread awareness of bullying by paying it forward.  Help somebody  cross the street open up doors for people pay for somebody’s meal  help a homeless person get a hot meal and a shower .  Doing these things can make you a better person and paying it forward can help them realize not everybody is an asshole . 

 If you know someone who is being bullied or you want to better yourself by being a better person I can help guide them in the right steps .  Please purchase a reading with me $25 for an hour and it’s buy one get one free .  We all need to stop being enemies and judging people by what they do .  

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