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🔹A Bully is simply jealous of what you have.

🔹A Bully knows that if they had what you have they would burn it to the ground.

🔹A Bully is a coward a loser and an asshole.

🔹A Bully was bullied at one point in their life and they think it’s normal to be that way.

🔹A Bully can be someone you know and just because it’s someone you know don’t make it right.

🔹A Bully thinks they’re right but nine times out of 10 they’re wrong.

🔹A Bully Will try to break you and make you give up on your dreams.

🔹A Bully is a monster. 

🔹A Bully has no respect for nobody.not even themselves.

🔹A Bully doesn’t respect your words and opinions. 

⚠️ Never allow a bully to control you and what you do, as long as it doesn’t hurt you or others go for it. I didn’t give up on my dreams and neither should you!⚠️

have you ever enjoyed reading a book about struggles to triumph? This book is perfect for you! Discover what it's like to try to be spiritual and be emotionally attacked by those around you. Renee was saved by spirituality at the nick of time. She discovered she had abilities and wanted to work with them but her family hated them. She didn't give up on her dreams because her family told her to stop. Renee is truly an incredible person to be able to survive all the crazy shenanigans that went on in 2016. That includes getting off pills that she was addicted to for seven years on her own, I was and still receiving abuse of verbal mental and emotional abuse by family and so-called friends, divorce ,homelessness and trying to build a name for herself in the Psychic community all in one year! Her book is like a diary it takes you on month-to-month as to what she went through! Purchased her book by clicking the photo above it will take you to go get yours today and help a family in need!

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These celebrities and television shows have help me keep my head above water.

The cast of Supernatural
David Bowie's kids Duncan Jones & Lexi Jones

The cast of fuller house and full house

The cast of Bohemian Rhapsody and the band Queen

The cast of the fast and the furious

The Muppets


The cast of Harry Potter

Katy Perry

The tones and I

Ozzy Osbourne

The cast of SpongeBob

The cast of fresh Prince of Bel Air

Jim Carrey

Gabriel Iglesias

Marilyn Manson

Theresa Caputo 

thank you from the bottom of my heart for being in my life without you I probably wouldn't exist with all the stress I've been through.

Blog 911: The woman who saved the world

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Hello world my name is Renee Kendall. I am 35 years old divorced single mom. My kids don’t currently live with me but I am in a dilemma please check out my website to learn more about me and please read this blog to be able to help me before I lose my apartment.  am a world renowned clairvoyant. What that means is I am higher than a psychic. I am able to fine-tune everything and give you direct answers for you. If this is your first time finding me welcome to my page please check out my other blogs and my videos to learn more about me and please go purchase my book to learn how this all got started.


David Bowie left a huge hole in the world because of how big of a legacy he left behind. I would like to leave a legacy behind that I was able to be the woman who saved the world. If David was known as the man who sold the world I wanna be the one who becomes a hero. David became a hero someone we looked up to and bow down upon because he was holier than thou with his words of wisdom. A lot of people said he held the world together by his words and music and his soul.

In my line of business which is being a clairvoyant I get to be one on one with David Bowie by my side to keep his legacy going and help me get one started. I have so many ideas that I would like to do to be able to help save the world and it won’t be possible without the help of you. Yes you sit in there sipping your coffee or on your lunch break. If you look at your life and you can assess it and you are financially OK and you can spare $5 $10 dollars or $25 I ask you from the bottom my heart if you can please donate. If you are not scrounging we’re never known what it’s like to not know where your next meal is coming from you’re about to learn about it now.

For the past year it’s been nothing but hell for me and my business and my emotions. I’ve been lied to by my ex-husband and his wife so many times it’s getting so old I’m tired of it. They are the worst two people in existence because they’re trying to push my limits and trying to make me at every angle to give up on my kids. They don’t like what I do my spirituality. It’s been a rough road for the past year because my ex and his wife withhold money withhold money that is owed to me and they’ve been owing it to me for the past nine months. My ex currently owes me $692 of alimony which is one full month. He started to not pay me at the end of every month because it interfered with his rent. which caused me to get behind on my rent and I’ve been that way since October. There’s been four times where eviction notices have been on my door and I’m currently on my fourth one right now. If you're asking where is her partner I don't have one. I've been single for the past four years after my divorce I needed time to heal my emotional status because of the damage is done by years of abuse from my ex-husband, and the abuse still continues to this day. My wish is for that to go away and I know it never will until my kids come back home. I want to thank everybody who's been keeping my head above water all these years those are my clients my fans my listeners and my close personal friends.

I wish I could challenge my ex-husband to pay me the 692 that he owes me on Thursday but I know for a fact he doesn’t have the money and I’ll never see the 692 ever. Which goes to my theory that I predict that when my kids come home to me that he will refuse to pay child support because he doesn’t want me to have any involvement with my children just because I’m spiritual. 

I wish I could go to my parents to help me out on this one. My mom can only help out so much she’s limited but, my father can be difficult to deal with and I try not to bother him because I don’t want to lecture I already know I’m down and out I don’t need to go further down the rabbit hole.

If I don’t pay my rent by Friday I will be thrown out by the following Monday I would like my rent to be paid and the hardest thing is my business isn’t what it used to be because I’ve been depressed about not knowing where my next dollars coming in and it’s causing me not to be able to work as often as I used to. Being a psychic is not easy but when you’re getting attacked by people who don’t like what you do and they try to destroy everything. you don’t feel like you want to work because you’re too depressed.

My depression is under control but the thing about it is I have to use THC to help me keep my balance up and to keep my head above water. There are times where I just wanna sleep all day because I’m so depressed I can’t get out of bed. I would like to get out of this funk and I’m asking from the goodness of my heart if everybody can come together and donate to help me get my rent paid and help me get on my feet. 

I promise whoever donates you will get a complementary psychic reading and my service if you would like it if you don’t want one you can gift my services to someone you know. 

Donations $55 and up you will receive a 65 minute psychic reading. If you donate $100 you’ll get three hours of my service and you have two months to use it up. If you donate $300 you’ll get six months of my service no joke. That is a once a week one hour session with me for six months. Anything above that you have my services for life. For what the world is about ready to do for me I need to be prepared and ready for what I need to do for the world.

If you’re nervous about talking to a psychic don’t be we are the ones that have the answers I am always spot on and my accuracies to the point where are you shake your head and say how did you know about that?! 

I’ve been on local radio Alice 96.51 year ago and it was the most incredible experience of my life. I don’t have family support spiritually because it embarrasses them. I am 35 years old and I’m a mom of three beautiful children. My children don’t live with me yet but they are about to. Any moment I will be finding out when my kids come home. Being a psychic I know firsthand when they are coming home. I will have my kids home before April I will be knowing at any moment when the court hearing is. My attorney would like me to have a nest egg for my children to be able to say my finances definitely help my situation to get my kids back.

Please check out all of my website to learn more about me please help donate because I need it more than ever. I don’t want to be homeless again if you want to learn about how I was homeless the first time please read my book. My book is only five dollars if you can buy a Subway sandwich for five dollars you can buy an e-book.

All I’m asking is for the world to pass my story along and if you can’t help me for donations you can be able to pass my information on to others. It is embarrassing to ask people for help when you’re struggling but I have no other choice. This isn’t a cry for attention this isn’t a cry at all I am simply asking from one person to another if you have spare change please assist I also want to work for my donations too. If you donate $55 more you will get my services. I take all major credit cards debit cards PayPal and invoice. Call me 775-684-9690 my go fund me page is up as well right below this blog is my go fund me and my PayPal and my book.

Please help me find balance in my life and I will do my best to be the woman who will save the world! 

 How I read people 

I use many different ways to read people as fun exercises that are entertaining for me and my client. I will give you the perfect example as to how I read someone. I call it Christmas magic.I think of a Christmas tree all lit up and full of ornaments. I imagine a bunch of presents under the tree. Every present is one of those that just have the lids on it where you don’t have to unwrap it. Every box represents a question and an answer. You can tell a lot from the box by the weight of the box 1st. If it’s heavy it means that the question has a lot of information. If it’s a light it means it’s not too concerning or alarming. The next step is to see what’s in the box. Opening up the box will explain why you’re feeling the weight of the box. When I put my hand inside I feel Work comes at me. Such as objects words sounds people and more. The size of the box can definitely make it impact as well. for example in my vision for my readings for myself I’m waiting for my children to come home to live with me full-time. There is a gigantic box in the corner and I know they’re in there. I can hear noises of them giggling and smiling. And it’s just a matter of time before they come home.(springtime) I always said to myself when they come home that will be my new Christmas present for myself and nothing will ever compare to it. If I get famous one day I can get awarded for my services but again getting my kids back is the best award in existence. The day they come home I will be putting the award letter up on my wall to say I worked hard to get that. It’s definitely a conversation piece. 

With a little bit of Christmas magic I can create logic and turn it into reality! It’s all about how you want to read someone without it sounding creepy lol. 

If you were entertained by this if you want to explore your Christmas magic what’s under your tree come get a reading with me! $55 for 65 minutes or $100 for 3  65 minute readings! Call me 775-684-9690

episode one Dr. Dolittle theory: The difference between Eddie Murphy's Dr. Dolittle versus Robert Downey Jr.'s Dr. Dolittle and a comparison of spiritual awakening versus spiritual. I will tell you how it all can relate to each other including how I do my readings click on the photo now to check it out!

finding my spirituality in 2016 caused me to have a looking point to see if he can do it so can I. My spirituality is connected to Sam Winchester from the TV show supernatural it sounds crazy but it's true. I wanted someone who would be able to handle anything that's thrown at them at any given time and I am able to do that. My wish is to hug Jared Padalecki and say thank you for having Sam Winchester exist because if it weren't for him existing I probably wouldn't either. 

I also want to thank Candace Cameron for having a wonderful character for me to look up to to judge my character for my children as DJ fuller! I looked at her and said if she can raise three kids on her own with the help of her friends and family so can I and I'm in the process of gaining custody of my children in the next couple of weeks I already have a game plan prepared as to how I'm going to be as a mom full-time again!

Watch my video below and I'll tell you the story as to have my spirituality is connected to the TV show supernatural

My Psychic story episode one: Knocking On Heavens Next Door 

My Psychic stories episode two: Down To Earth

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My Psychic stories Episode four: How I Can Connect With The Tv Show Supernatural 

Episodes 3 & 4 I made awhile ago)

My Psychic Stories:Episode 5: Christmas Magic?!

Watch Below!

in this episode you will learn about World renowned clairvoyant Renee about her campaign to better schools ,animal shelters and how to protect yourself from bullies! Don't be a fly learn what that means & how the tv shows Supernatural & Fuller House helped Clairvoyant Renee YOU don't want to miss this

 Four years ago I lost my children because of divorce . During that time I was going through depression, anxiety, mental exhaustion, abuse healing, spiritual awakening and learning how to do stuff on my own for the first time. I was also addicted to Percocet for seven years . I got sober in January 2016 I did it for my kids . I figure it out I was drugging myself because of the abuse that I suffered for seven years prior to my divorce . When you wake up and realize you're with an enabler who's trying to push you to your limits your first step is to get away as fast as you can and I was lucky enough to be able to do that .It was a very scary time for me because I had no support from my family and had no true friends there for me physically because all my good friends live all over the world. I only get to see my children for less than 48 hours a month right now. 

This is due to me needing to find balance in my life mentally emotionally physically and spiritually. The time apart from my children help me allow myself to appreciate my children more than ever before and to appreciate who I am as a person. It causes me to be a better all around. I decided it was time for change back in November 2018 after I went to my last court hearing. Because I am a spiritual person I was able to pick up a timeframe when my kids were coming back to me. The time frame came up at spring time 2020. I had to make a huge change in my life quickly for my family to see that I am a new person. I found the television show fuller house on Netflix as a guidance to change as a person. I am a single mom of three children and so is the character DJ Fuller. 

It was her and her children against the world and it was too difficult for her to handle alone so she has the help of her sister and her best friend to come live with her to help raise the children the best that they could. I am in that same boat when I get the kids back full-time I will have people around me helping me raise my children so I’m not doing it alone. But I’ve learned how to prepare to do it alone and I’m ready to do so. My children are amazing children. They taught me how they really want a mother someone who is there for them and is not going to give them a lecture about things but teach them right from wrong without feeling horrible about their choices. Honestly the last time I yelled at my kids was at the beginning of January 2016. Once I realize of my spiritual abilities and started to work with them I started to change my ways because spirits are around me. I found that in order to do my job spirits must be around me and if I don’t do my job correctly I won’t be able they have the support of spirits if I abuse the privilege of this amazing abilities. I have worked hard in the last four years trying to be a good person and also being abused by my former spouse just because I’m spiritual that’s it. I worked very hard to be an amazing person for everybody around me. And those that are too stubborn are not willing to open up their eyes and realize what’s in front of them.

I put in to have my kids full-time because of the mental and emotional abuse that they suffer from where they currently live. I can tell that bad stuff is happening because my kids shows signs when they are with me that stuff isn’t right where they currently live. I know when I was married my voice didn’t matter in my opinion was just an opinion and I know if my kids tried to stand up for me to tell their father that I’m a good mother my kids will get in trouble for backing me up. 

I’m tired of living the way I am because I have feelings and I want my kids to have the best in the world and not have to worry about mental and emotional abuse because that is hard to heal from. 

It took me four years to be ready for an opportunity for a relationship to come in in my life but it wasn’t easy. If someone came in my life for a relationship now I’d be ready for it. I want the best for my children and myself and what we need is to be with each other. My attorney wants to see my house be prepared for my kids to be home. It does help the judge make his decision. And I feel if I have beds at my house it will help the situation out a lot.

Right now I currently live in a one bedroom apartment my lease is up in August. I have to raise $1500 by  Friday February 14th  so I can have the bunkbeds by 14 February for my next visit with my children. Even though I have three children I found a triple bunk bed that will help us out until I can move into a bigger place in the fall. Currently my children come over to my house and spend the night twice a month and they sleep on air mattresses. I have a puppy that likes to chew the air mattresses and it’s starting to get expensive at this point. Please help support this you can call me and I can take cards over the phone or you can donate on my PayPal or you can purchase my book all the proceeds go towards this special project. 

If anybody donated the $1500 you’ll get my services for life free psychic readings for life for helping a mom get her kids back! 

Thank you for your time and for your continued support the last four years my clients have kept my head above water so much that I’m on the beach getting a tan! My mental and emotional health has improved so much because you guys help me keep me occupied so I’m not bored at home. Thank you again for your continued support 

Once I get my kids back there is a high chance that there will be NO child support and unfortunately I have to prepare for no support except my business. So any donation are very much appreciated and valued. Help a single mom prepare for her babies to come home😭
God Bless 

Clairvoyant Renee 

Blog 21: Am I A Living Ghost


If you’re curious as to why I have to post this it’s because I did an experiment. Yesterday I made a post on Facebook. This post on Facebook is simply stating why I feel like I am a living ghost. People acknowledge I exist but they see right through me. I posted it on Facebook and put in a description by stating how I wish my family would acknowledge my existence. I do have a lot of family members that follow me on Facebook. I put a disclaimer stating I’m not suicidal but I’m lonely. I posted it yesterday at 3 PM Pacific standard time. As of me writing this blog it is 5:19 AM the next day February 12th. Here comes a shock value… nobody responded to it, not even any friends or family members to respond to say that they support me or they acknowledge my existence.

I’m asking for Assistance if you can read this blog that means I exist. If you see my postings that means I exist. 


This needs to be a wake up call to everybody out there. This is a new challenge called the wake up challenge. The wake up challenge is if anybody post on social media anything about suicide or suicidal check up on that person. Even if it’s just a posting of anti-suicidal things or Support. If you notice anybody posting some heavy stuff about being sad or depressed check up on them. It’s a very scary place that we live in and honestly our society is going to be dead before we know it because of how we’re treating each other.

We are afraid of people and we shouldn’t be. I’ve been abused since probably 2012 to current 2020 by the same person. That’s when I started to notice a problem in my life when I was Poppin pills like M&Ms. in January 2016 is when I realize what my problem was.


My problem was I was married to a monster. A person you’re married to shouldn’t be treating you horribly and abusing you mentally emotionally and sexually but it happened to me. The hardest thing is people are saying why didn’t you leave sooner? The crazy thing is I didn’t realize I was being abused because I was also with a manipulator who thought that because it came from him that it’s considered OK to treat people the way he did. If we’re not careful everybody is going to end up abusing somebody and we’re just gonna end up killing around society because of all the abuse and torment that we’ve dealt with.


I have a special project going on right now to raise awareness of abuse towards anybody men women animals and children. We should never be in a position where we feel uncomfortable with another person. It makes us vulnerable to many different things such as our immune system ends up being weaker because we are a society full of anxiety and worry and depression ever since 911. Before 911 we live in a society where we weren’t so scared and worried about everything and vulnerable.

Now we live in a society where were afraid to go to the grocery store because we are afraid somebody’s going to go postal. There’s ways to be able to end that and it’s going to sound very simple all you have to do is respect one another. Don’t judge somebody and bully them just because they’re not like the bully.

A bully will find something or many things that they don’t like about you call you out on it and make fun of you just because you are you. We should never be treating people like this whatever happened to common courtesy and respect and manners.


Today’s society the children that are growing up are not the same as Hell when I grew up even though I’m only 35. The people in my age range graduated between 2003 and 2005. These are the type of people that still have some common courtesy that have that respect to a certain degree. The children that are currently in school especially highschoolers live in a very very scary world where social media exists. When social media started with my space it was OK everybody loved it and then Facebook came out and then Twitter came out and everybody decided to use that as a platform for abuse.


There’s been so many suicides because of social media. It’s a very scary time when you see a headline that a 10-year-old committed suicide because they were bullied because they were different. When a 10-year-old says they want to die you need to pay attention to why they feel that way.

When my middle child was eight years old I found out by my ex-husband that my daughter went to a mental hospital for one week because she was threatening suicide and to harm others. I was not informed that she was at a mental hospital until four days after I found out she was in a hospital. When I found out where she was I was shocked and appalled that an eight-year-old child would use the words suicide. She currently lives with my ex-husband and his wife. My other two also live there as well. When my daughter got out of the hospital I asked my ex what was the conclusion what did they fine? He said they didn’t find anything wrong with her so they sent her home.

The vibe I got from her when I was able to see her again was that she needed a break from her home because there were too many people living there and to many people were tormenting her because she has bathroom issues because of stress and anxiety and emotional issues. 


I made a promise to my children and myself that when I would divorce their father which I did on November 2016 but I would never have my children fear me or hate me. After I got sober in January 2016 I became a positive influence on my children. The last time I honestly screamed at my kids was right before I got sober in January 2016. Because I’m being watched like a hawk that one wrong move and my kids could be taken from me I have to really watch myself at every visit one little thing can be mistaken for something else and cause a big misunderstanding. My ex likes to flip things to make me look bad such as if I get asked by my mother to make sure my daughters hair has no soap in it when she’s taking a shower that can be taken in a dirty situation and make me look like a pervert just because I saw my daughter naked in the shower to check to see if she got the soap out of her hair.


That’s what abusers and enablers do they will make you think that your actions are bad when really they’re practical and responsible. I only get to see my children twice a month for less than 48 hours and that’s how it’s been since September 2017 from August 2016 until September 2017 I only saw my kids every other Thursday for about three hours that was it. My kids have never made the divorce my fault or ever showed any signs of anger or distress on my watch. I know they live in a very crazy household because there’s too many people living at their fathers house. One thing I’ve noticed if my kid show any signs of support to their mother in front of their father my kids have a potential of getting in trouble for backing me up as a mom.


In September I put in to have more time with my kids which is for me to be ready physically to have my kids back home with me and to go to school where I live. My ex wants me to grow up step up and be a mom and that’s exactly what I’m doing and he’s trying to prevent that. It’s a catch 22 he wants me to do those things but he doesn’t want me to do those things. This should be a time for celebration at the fact that it took me four years to heal from all the abuse that my ex put me through. I find with healing from abuse you have your moments of good days and bad days. The stuff that’s already occurred for the abuse and lies I’m adjusted to. But there are times when I’m being accused of new things or old things and not being heard is when I get stressed out the most.


I wish the abuse would stop because it’s getting old it’s immature and we should not be treating ourselves the way we are. I hired an attorney because my voice didn’t matter when I was married and being divorced. When it comes to authority sometimes people listen other times I say “shut up you don’t know what you’re talking about.” That is my exes favorite line when I try to bring up anything to him that I don’t know anything and I’m stupid that’s abuse! I know arguing with him makes no sense because it’s just wasted air and wasted breath. I feel my ex does verbal mental emotional and sexual abuse because he couldn’t handle the outcome of physical because it would only take one hit from him that I would only take one hit and that would be it I would not tolerate physical abuse.


And quite frankly I don’t tolerate mental and emotional abuse and I’m tired of it we need to make it A law that anybody that verbally mentally emotionally or sexually abusing someone that the abuser gets in trouble. We should never live in a society where we are being tormented because we are different. In most cases of bully will bully someone because somehow deep down that bully wants what you have and that’s called pride and happiness. When someone find something that they want from you they’ll judge you and crave it because they want what you have. Anybody that has a natural born talent such as spirituality like myself people would judge it and poke fun of it because they want what I have.


I have the ability to see and hear spirits. I have the ability to know everything under the sun and be spot on accurate because of hard effort and work that I put into my business. My ex thinks being your own boss thinks that you get to hire people to do your light work and go on vacation. That’s called being a CEO someone that has a dream and hires other people to do that dream and wants to take the credit for it. I know for a fact in my line of work I am the only one that does everything. I spent hours advertising all over social media. I make all my postings. I take the calls I take the payment I do the sessions. I only work for me and it’s working for me.


But one thing that I have noticed acknowledging am I live in ghost I’ve noticed the calls aren’t what they used to be the money flow isn’t what it used to be and I’m trying to figure out why? I know I’m a good person and I know my accuracy is on point. In my line of business you just have to kick back and wait for the phone to ring. I know I exist I can feel my heartbeat I can hear me talk I can see my reflection in the mirror. If you’re reading this you can do the same don’t allow any monsters around you to burn your dreams away because they want your dreams. If you’re a family full of doctors and you don’t want to be a doctor you wanna play the guitar play the guitar prove everybody that the guitar can make a profit and can make a difference in your life and somebody else’s life.


Hard work pays off in due time but I swear life keeps throwing me monkey wrenches and I don’t want to throw in the towel not once even though I may feel like I want to when I feel like my abuser and other people are trying to wave me down and stop me. My family members walked away for me in 2016 when I discovered my spirituality. They didn’t walk away because of anything else. Being a psychic I am able to channel why they walked away. They walked away because it embarrasses them of what I do… that is the God honest truth they can’t look at me and say this is Renee and she can do you psychic work they may not understand it but they could at least respect the fact that I’m trying my best and that it does work.


We need to wake up as a society and wake up our eyes and our souls and say enough is enough with the abuse and torment and stopping our dreams because it embarrasses our family members or friends. If whatever you do doesn’t cause any harm to you or others go for it. You don’t want to be sitting in a nursing home saying I never learned how to play the guitar and I always wanted to it’s never too late to pick up a guitar and try it but don’t give up on your dreams because one person didn’t have any faith or trust in you to get it accomplished. My challenge for the wake up challenge is to show videos all over the world of your talents that you’re able to do.


Show off your artwork, sing your heart out, show how well you can put a basket through the hoop, show people your guitar skills show your talents to the world post them on YouTube with the #Thewakeupchallenge and watch the results flow in! If a cat video can go viral, so Can this blog. 


Please donate to my go fund me page any day now I will be finding out the day my court hearing is as to when my kids come home I know it’s between March and April timeframe when court is coming. I am super excited to be able to be a full-time mom again because I am ready for it. The only problem is my ex-husband I don’t trust and my kids are coming home and if he doesn’t get what he wants he will simply walk away because I have to not rely on his child support. Only because he didn’t get what he wanted which is to me to give up on my kids and to walk away or to kill myself. And I know I will never hurt myself because I have the best of both worlds the difference between heaven versus here is your invisible. You still have all your feelings and your thoughts and your daily functions on the other side. The only difference besides being invisible being spiritually awake because that is when you want to help the most. That is when you have all the knowledge in the world and you want to be able to use it and you can’t use it to your own ability. 


Simply because you want to make a difference in the world and you can only make a difference in the world when a spirit connects with the living. That’s exactly what happened to me after David Bowie died I gained a special friend. He deserves all the credit in the world for working hard with me and training me to be the best spiritual guidance counselor out there. If he didn’t pass when he did I would’ve died in February 2016 from an accident. I had an MRI done and they put me to sleep but before that I was chewing gum. When I woke up the doctor showed me that my gum was on the breathing tube that would’ve killed me. Because of that moment I tried to live for the moment every day and I keep getting shot down by family members and former friends.

Please check out my page and read all my blogs and come support this amazing cause. I need to create a nest egg for my kids because that is the final piece of the puzzle is to make sure I’m financially stable and prepared for my kids to come home. 

To acknowledge that I am not a burden to my family they need a wake up call I would love people to donate to my fund it to help prepare for my kids to come home and to wake them up and realize what's really the problem. I want to see it for myself that you can see me too! I have another social experiment on Valentine's Day I'm going to be with my children and my mother. My mother is not a supporter of my spirituality the only way this woman is going to wake up and realize what's in front of her is if she sees something large in front of her. The one last thing remaining is finance Social Security on my end to make sure that I can financially support myself on my own for my children. I would love to see her jaw dropped to the floor and say where did this come from and I can so please say my supporters people that acknowledge I exist and support what I do and understand that this is a gift from God. So let's help my mom wake up and realize her daughter is gifted and talented and amazing. 


Renee Kendall

 Blog 17: No Means No End Abuse Now
have you ever said yes to someone when you really wanted to say no? If you said yes read below!

My name is Renee Kendall and I am a survivor of mental emotional and sexual abuse. I always made a promise to myself that if a man ever tried to hit me it would only take one time for me to put my foot down and say I would never have that around me. I got into an argument with my enabler back in 2010 and almost caused our divorce during the argument my enabler told me that his previous ex got in his face and he ended up slapping her in the face because she got in his business. So I was warned if I pushed my enabler's buttons I'd get hit. (even though my enabler never physically hit me or slapped me he did try to put his hands on me inappropriately to the point where I went to the hospital several times because of his sexual appetite. It's more disturbing when he was trying to put his hand inside of me and I couldn't tell him stop because he wouldn't listen because my voice and opinion didn't matter )I never had a back up plan for mental emotional or sexual abuse because I never thought in 1 million years that I would ever have to think of that but unfortunately it happened to me. You never want to be a statistic but there it is plain to see I’m A Survivor of abuse and here’s my story.

(I feel my abuser wanted to hurt me mentally emotionally and sexually because all the scars in damages were internal and I also feel that if he ever physically assaulted me he wouldn't be able to handle the results because it would be obvious that came from him and he couldn't handle that part of it of being in trouble)
My abuser is also a manipulator as well he can make you buy a bag of shit and convince you to buy it just because he put the effort to give it to you. he'll manipulate you into doing whatever he wants to do for his satisfaction and disregards any of your wishes and wants.

In May 2005 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In other words I’m allergic to stress. Any type of stress will trigger my multiple sclerosis and cause me to have a lot of issues with my health including ending up in the hospital. Being abused for so many years caused me to have to use my multiple sclerosis for a clutch for everything because I have an enabler that is not willing to accept the fact that they are an abuser. And their words and actions Cause pain mentally emotionally and physically to me.

Abusers never like to be called abusers because they’re offended by it. So we’re going to refer to them as enabler’s instead. My enabler is still connected to me unfortunately. I dealt with my enabler since 2005. . It didn’t start off as an enabler it started off as a boyfriend A wonderful person or so I thought. I knew something was up when my father was against me being with this person from the beginning but I didn’t listen. Once I became a mother that’s when I noticed the change. The change was I had to focus on being a new character of being a mom and being able to handle it all. It was a difficult process to deal with being a mom at first but once you find your own routine you’ve got it down. I know it is the abuse started to happen once I was pregnant with my third child. In October 2009 I bought a bedroom set for myself and my enabler a giant king size bed log cabin style bedroom set. It was a nice bed for the moment but I found out it would create a knot in my stomach of what that bed put me through. Because of the size of the bed I couldn’t get in and out of the bed easily because I was pregnant. Therefore I needed assistance to get up with my children at night and my enabler but I was too exhausted to get in and out of bed. But in fact I was too “fat” to get out of bed because I was pregnant and I gained 50 pounds. Therefore it was difficult for me to get out of bed. My enabler took that as a sign that I would never get up with the kids at night so my enabler  decided to move into the living room to be closer to the children because I was too “lazy” to get out of bed to be with the kids.

Once my third child was born I had a C-section therefore I couldn’t get into the bed because it was so high up and it was painful for me to get in and out of the bed. So I decided to be in the living room to be closer to my children and then my enabler went to the bedroom. About a month after my son was born I was asked by my enabler to come to bed. . I told my enabler that if I get in bed I can’t get out of bed so if any of the kids cry or need me you have to go get them you have to get me the stuff and I will take care of them but you have to bring them to me. My enabler agreed one time. I did what they asked me to do which was to go to bed but they didn’t do what I asked which was to bring my child to me if they cried and needed my attention in the middle of the night. I got told to go back to bed and I heard the words “ don’t worry about it I got it“ from my enabler my enabler was good at those words, when I heard that I took it as he is handling it on his own and to butt out.

Once my healing from my C-section was better and I was able to get in and out of the bed on my own with no issues my neighbor was still stuck in the living room. At night time I was very lonely because I had a giant king size bed to myself and my two cats and I couldn’t share with my enabler. To keep me company I would watch television at night mostly Nick at night from nickelodeon. I would watch reruns of my favorite shows because I knew they’d make me happy. I wish upon a star one night when I was watching full house. I wish to have a family that would understand me I wish for love to be in my life that was real I also wished for the perfect family. So I had to work hard to figure out how to get this done.

In 2015 I had a thought that came through my head which was how would I survive if I didn’t have my enabler around me? So I started to Declutter my life with everything including any attachments that I had with my enabler. From 2013 to 2016 my enabler had a very dirty obsession with a sexual appetite. His appetite scared the crap out of me because of what he wanted. He wanted me to do things that I didn’t want to do but I did anyways because my voice didn’t matter in my opinion didn’t matter. You’re not a good person when someone who supposed to love you put you in the hospital because of their sexual appetite. And when you tell them you have to go to the hospital because of what happen they laugh at you and say “Ha Ha not my problem” my enabler was good at saying that.

The video that I found on his phone was sexually explicit of a woman with a champagne bottle completely put in her behind. I was at a loss for words at the side of it and I was absolutely mortified that he watched that video and that it was saved on his phone and recently watched when I noticed it was on his phone. My psychic ability was telling me if I ever asked for sex again that would've been my future because my voice didn't matter to him. To this day puts a chill down my spine that I could've been a victim worse than ever before but I'm not a victim of that because it didn't happen because I prevented it because I said no! It felt good to refuse sex from a monster. My enabler was unaware that I saw the video I didn't want to make a scene because I was afraid of what would happen if he knew I saw that on his phone. 
it makes you think who you can trust when they show their true colors.

In 2012 I developed a negative habit of being hooked on prescription pills my preference was Percocet 10. The recommendation doses two pills as needed the most I took was 14 pills in a day. 

I knew I had a drug problem but I don’t know why I had a drug problem. My mother and I both knew I had a problem three years before my divorce in 2016. 

I wish I knew what my problem was but in order to figure that out I had to speak to somebody about it.

In January 2016 after David Bowie died I started to notice a huge change in my life. I was having moments of not feeling satisfied about everything that was happening in my life. I wanted to change I needed it now before I overdosed on pills. I owned a Ouija board for about a year before I decided to really use it. When you’re not sure who to go to for answers sometimes you have to go to an alternative unOrthodox method. I decided to connect with David Bowie on a Ouija board it sounds crazy yes, but I was desperate. 

I am mediately felt the connection with David Bowie and I felt heartbroken because he brought up my Percocet use because he saw myself abusing pills just like how he used to a long time ago when he was Ziggy Stardust. He helped me realize I was numbing myself because I had an enabler. Once you put the facts in front of me I opened up and realize I was being abused mentally emotionally and definitely sexually. David help me quickly find my spirituality and to learn how to read people and objects because I was going to need to learn about it very fast.

In March 2016 I got told by David that somebody around me was going to hurt me in a very negative way and I had to figure out who it was going to be. I had a hunch it was my enabler but I didn’t want to think that because I didn’t want to believe it was going to be that person… but unfortunately it was that person.

I didn’t have my phone available because my mother confiscated it during my spiritual awakening apparently when you’re spiritual you’re not allowed to make phone calls and have social media available… so I asked my neighbor if I can make a phone call to my father. I had no issue asking to borrow the phone. After the phone call I was going to sneak onto Facebook to put a post up saying I’m just taking a break on social media.  When I click the icon on his phone for the Internet there it was plain to see my future… there was a sexually explicit video that was on my enabler‘s phone that scared me straight. The vibe I got immediately was that was the next level of his sexual appetite. David asked me what I wanted to do to prevent it I said I will never ask for sex ever again from anybody until I know I’m safe. Therefore I never asked to have my enabler touch me in any which way shape or form. 

But when you cut off sex from someone who is an enabler you’ll find different methods to mess with your head. Mental and emotional abuse is what I dealt with. Being told I’m crazy when really I’m smart. Being accused of crazy things that make no sense and no significant evidence to support it either.

I got a divorce in 2016 to get away from my enabler. Because I didn’t have a voice I had to make a choice to make my enabler file for divorce because I couldn’t afford it at the time. I made up a story that I met David Bowie at a convention in Las Vegas that I went to one year prior and said that I cheated on him with David Bowie.

You would think my enabler would be very upset finding out that his wife cheated on him with a guy named David a celebrity mind you at that. I thought he would flip out but he didn’t I walked away and he didn’t freak out on me and complain that I cheated on him and make a scene. I was very concerned that this didn’t phase my enabler one bit that I cheated on him. Technically I didn’t cheat on him with David but I did feel safer with David Bowie spirit than I did my enabler and that has to say something somewhere. When you feel safer with a ghost versus a physical person there’s a problem there…

How I got my enabler to divorce me was simply asking for money $20 refund because I ordered pizza for my children because they were tired of noodles. The day I left the house was a new beginning but it was very scary because I did try to contemplate suicide at that point because I thought my life was over. I was hearing my life was over because my old life was ending and a new one was beginning it wasn’t a suicide per se it was more so out with the old in with the new. David Bowie help me through the process of divorce the process of spiritual awakening and being able to handle being a single parent. I am very grateful for David’s words of wisdom’s because I have created a new character for myself and I am very blessed that I found her and I would’ve never found her if I didn’t connect with David Bowie.

I owe my life to David Bowie because if he didn’t connect with me when I did I would be with him right now dead. I’m also very grateful for my doctor for stop prescribing me Percocet because that was going to kill me one day. David help me through so much in the past four years including being mentally and emotionally abuse still by my enabler. My voice didn’t matter when I was married and it didn’t matter when I was divorced either anything I say or do doesn’t matter in his opinion but it disturbs him. Because my voice didn’t matter I had to hire an attorney to be my voice and I was the best decision of my life.

My children have suffered because of this mental and emotional abuse and it caused them to act a little bit different and display characteristics of being abused. Such as retaining bowels, being startled very quickly, not liking any confrontation and also exploring new options as well can cause kids to act differently. I found out that my children got an attorney and I broke down and cried hard because now they have a voice and an opinion. My kids want to be proud of their mother and display that they love me in front of their father but they get in trouble if they try to defend their mother. If you want to know what type of character I developed for myself to improve my life if you go to Netflix and watch “Fuller House” and you watch the entire series front to back and you watch DJ Fuller that is exactly who my character is as a person and as a mom. She’s a single mom of three kids and trying to manage her life with the help of family and friends and that’s exactly what I am trying to do. I decided to start watching the show religiously until I was able to watch it and handle anything that life is thrown at me while being a single mom and to see if she can do it so can I. 

I had a dream not too long ago of what it would be like not to have my enabler around and the first thing I said was I would be able to breathe and not worry about being attacked in any direction at all. And to be able to enjoy my life and not worry anymore. It’s a dream that I hope can be a reality even if my enabler doesn’t go away , I wish and hope that the abuse could at least go away that would make me a happy person. I wish everyone never had to deal with abuse in any different direction but unfortunately it happens. In my line of work I help people that have been abused and get them on the right path to know that they can heal and know that I’ve experienced it to that they can understand that I understand what they’re going through. 

If you’ve ever been abused and you need assistance please contact me and book a session and let me help you build your new character be a survivor and conquer the world!

Please purchase my book there is a light at the end of the tunnel hard work pays off when you hire an attorney. By spring time my kids will be back with me living with me I earn the right to be with them. When you purchase the book it will help create a nest egg for myself and my children for when they live with me.

Check out the post below now to purchase the book.

My book if you give a mom a chance walks you through the stages of 2016 the beginning process of what it was like to have a spiritual awakening, being sober for the first time, being on my own for the first time, The divorce process and being homeless for nine months. I used my struggles to help the world with theirs.


Renee Kendall

Blogger, Mom, Clairvoyant, Lifecoach, Author & Writer


 My family walked away from me because of my spirituality, I know What it was like for Elsa from the movie frozen. Elsa had to conceal her powers that were built within because her parents were afraid of her abilities were too strong and it could hurt someone. Elsa’s family was uneducated as to how strong elsa’s powers really were. You see I look at Elsa and her powers only ignite when you piss her off. When you show Elsa love and affection she’ll make you an ice-skating rink or she’ll make you have your own little flurry. Just like with me and my spirituality if you piss me off crazy things can happen have you ever seen the movie Matilda?

 Matilda can move objects out of anger. Her father pissed her off so bad that she was able to slam the door in his face without even moving. Matilda said no more Mrs. nice girl when you piss off someone with abilities you’re only see stuff in your nightmares. What did you see when Matilda used her powers for good? She was trying to make a difference in the world when her family didn’t see the true powers that their daughter had they were blindsided at the fact that their daughter was very talented. But when Matilda is nice she is able to help a lot of people and have fun with it it’s all how you look at it.

When you have the powers within that are destined to come out whether you can sing, act, build stuff, draw, paint, create or whatever your powers are when you conceal your powers it build you up inside and it needs to be released or you go crazy. Be the performer you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t hide yourself because their family. When you get educated on somebody’s abilities you learn something as well. That is amazing to be able to learn about somebody else’s abilities and to know that they are OK.

We even have Dr. Dolittle. An amazing character that is around that can listen to what animals want and give them a voice and that is amazing! I carry that ability to that I can make a connection with animals. If you can train an animal to be called by their name and they listen... they listen. Animal language is very similar to ours they also watch our tones and our body language. They even know when it’s going to change before it happens because they start to act out because they feel a sudden change in the shift in the room. Whenever I feel the spirit around and they have issues or concerns they start to shake and it feels like a nervous Chihuahua wherever I’m at at that time. Usually it’s my couch where I feel the shaking the most. When the room does it for the animal they get a advance warning of when something bad is going to happen.

I had spirituality my whole life but I had to conceal my powers because my powers are very strong. And when you’re a child and you have strong powers without education on it a lot of times the adults will not listen to children because what do children know right?! Children are more tapped in to the world than you ever know because their spirituality is awake and aware the signs are right there in front of you. When your child says they have an imaginary friend it’s a spirit. When your child starts to be afraid of the thing in the closet in the monster under the bed is when you know their powers are shut off. We are born with these abilities and at different ages they get shut off because 80% of people cannot handle their own abilities because of simple abuse of power.

When a child goes outside and plays they are using their creativity and their imagination at one point we tell her child it’s time we grow up and look at the real picture and we forget about using our brains we are told to forget it at a young age. They encourage us to read but don’t want us to use our imagination but reading causes us to wake up our imagination by visualizing what the author is trying to state. It’s a catch 22 and everybody’s opinion we want us to use our brains but we don’t want to use our imagination. 

We need to use our brains in all different directions we need to visualize things not just black and white but in color. My spirituality allows my imagination to soar as far as the eye can see. My visions are so clear like a high definition television. My hearing is so good I can hear a fly fart in Africa five years from now, my taste buds are so strong I can taste diabetes, my sense of smell is so strong I can smell cancer and death & and my knowledge is so powerful that I know how to end war and create peace and harmony with everyone.

The spell or the potion is simple

A little bit of magic

Creates logic

That turns into reality 

It’s that simple. We need to start being real and realizing we are a little bit education on somebody’s abilities we can appreciate them and just know these people are rare gems in the universe. If you’re not sure who has these abilities they’re the ones that we normally call weird or weirdos and or crazy! The ones that reminds us of Kimmy Gibler from full house that crazy person that wears plaid and polkadots and doesn't care who knows it HA! Respect everybody’s choices and please for the love of God have manners for everybody whatever happened to self-respect?

My family is embarrassed of my abilities because they’re not seeing exactly what I do because they’re not asking questions or having the ability to realize that they were wrong also known as being stubborn. 

I’ve had people all over social media when I first started out attacking me saying I am a scammer. I proved everybody wrong and I noticed those type of people started to disappear because I prove them wrong. In January 2019 I got invited to go onto local Reno morning radio show Alice 96.5. I went on for four episodes and I was able to read the listeners and it was so much fun! I told my mom I was so excited about this and she had no acknowledgment of anything she didn’t want to hear it because she’s stubborn the same thing happened to my father too. It was a time that I should’ve celebrated with my family of a job well done but no I had to celebrate it on my own.  I didn’t give up on myself even though I felt like I wanted to.

I have a friend by the name of Sherry who helped me get through these last two years of my life that were really horrible for me. I was able to conquer so many fears because she help me be relaxed more and worry less because we are on the same level spiritually. When you meet somebody like that they are rare gems in the universe because you understand each other and no matter what your differences are you understand each other‘s ideas and purposes and crazy thoughts. She is an amazing woman and I love her to pieces.

I look at my life and I realize when I was around my family when I was a kid I’ve always felt like the black sheep and now I know why. My family walked out on me when I needed them the most but turns out I needed myself more than I needed anybody else. I needed to be isolated and figure out who I needed to be and then when the time is right for me to shine everybody who was once against me would try to hump my leg to get back into where I’m at because they want to see me at my full potential. 

But here’s the thing I am able to move on about the past I will never forget about what happened and I will never truly forget who was there for me and who wasn’t there for me. If I receive an apology I am OK with it I welcome it with open arms. The one thing I will not allow is anybody trying to claim any part of my success as their own. I didn’t give up on myself even though the whole World tried to let me down I didn’t give up. I have an incredible ability that I forgot to mention. I am able to help people with their problems and not allow it to affect me. The only time anything affects me is if I am being mentally emotionally or verbally attacked by anybody. You see I have an illness called multiple sclerosis. I am actually allergic to stress. Therefore my family causes stress and therefore I can’t be around my family. 

And this goes for anybody else in my life now or in the future if you are a stress induced so you are not allowed around me if anybody that can’t hold themselves together and want to be an asshole and be rude and purposely try to make me sick you are not welcomed. You only get one chance don’t blow it. Just like how Eminem says it! Should my family read this if you step forward and want to explain yourself I’m here to listen. And all I say to my family is if you think my spirituality is bad you have blinders on.


Renee Kendall


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