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Welcome to   Renee Your Spiritual Bff website! Renee has helped thousands of people with guidance and support!  Renee is an incredible clairvoyant who can use her amazing spiritual abilities with 98%  accuracy to help guide her clients on the right path. Renee specializes is Stress, Anxieties  and Depression  and helps people with ways to cope and guide in a  comforting  and Friendly environment . She uses guided meditation to help her see every question and situation and to give the Best information for her clients at all angles. Renee is one of a kind. Renee also has multiple sclerosis since 2005 .She has built a name for herself on social media with help of Blog Talk Radio. When you get a reading with Renee she makes you feel comfortable and safe like your talking to your best friend. Her clients end up coming back for more because of her soft tone and kind heart. Her services are always Trusted and Respectful . If your  interested please give her a call Today!

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Lady Stardust Your Spiritual Bff! Welcome to the website!!

Blog 3:  

When I decided to work with my abilities, I wanted to learn all about the truth about the other side. The information I’m about to tell you is shocking. Since I developed my abilities and woke them up, I had to get the fear of the unknown out of my head. Most fears that we get from the other side has come from Hollywood. Hollywood says that there are demons with Vang’s and horns and they lurk beneath The darkness around us. And that ghosts or spirits are nasty things that hurt us. I have yet to meet anything that hurts me from the other side. I think it’s the living that we have to worry about more than the dead. The difference between here versus heaven is spirits are invisible. But there is something that spirits have that we don’t and that is the natural sense of of knowing the truth. I was able to learn how to wake up this ability to know the truth about everything and I really love it I know the exact things that I have to do to make my life the best that it can. When you cross over you have a sense of knowing everything and it’s a bit overwhelming but the scary thing is you wish you had it when you were alive because then you would live your life a different way. And if you’re thinking to yourself can I learn about knowing everything when I’m alive? The answer to this question is absolutely and that is being able to understand your abilities and know the difference between right versus wrong. Your body will tell you if you’re doing the right thing or not it gives you signals just like when you’re sick your body will give you signals that you’re starting to not feel well. When I started my abilities to wake them up I used a Ouija board by myself for the first time. I was definitely scared shitless to try it by myself because you hear horror stories of people using the board by themselves and things happen to that person. I take full responsibility for what happened to me. When David Bowie passed away I was devastated I felt the urge to communicate with him through the board about five days after he died. When I finally made that attempt to communicate with him I was scared but confident it was him. You have to trust yourself when doing this if you don’t trust yourself you’re going to fail miserably. David told me many things about what happens when you die. And I like the fact that you get to have another life after this one is complete. You get to be around those that you lost along the way including your animals. Keep in mind I’m telling you these things not to make death happen to you when it’s not your time. I’m letting everybody know what I have learned about this situation. When it is your time to go you just naturally know. But please don’t go before your time. We all know it’s going to happen to us but we just don’t know when. We just have to find our lives and live it to the fullest and experience life and if we don’t like something there’s many other options we can try. Spirits don’t want us to dwell on death because that’s not living life if you’re afraid to lose your life, it’s definitely because you’re not ready to go. I have never met anything that is scary from the other side including those that made bad choices when they were alive. I’m in that weird category where I have respect for everyone and it’s up to myself to decide if I want them in my life or not. I have yet to meet a spirit that is angry or mad at me since 2016 and I think that’s awesome. Spirit should not be the ones that were afraid of, it’s the people that are living that we need to be cautious about those that feed off of the weak and innocent, those that lie for their own satisfaction, those that manipulate and control the situation with a very negative force, these are the type of people that don’t believe happiness exist because they don’t allow it in. These are the demonic entities that we hear about those that suck the life out of us like vampires, those that want us to kill selves and give up because we’re not going down without a fight. Don’t let these negative people in your life they have narcissistic behavior they take away all your sense of value and control, they make you lose who you’re destined to become because they want to control you they don’t want you to ever be happy. Narcissistic controlling people are very demonic stay away from them do your research. Negative people only bring you down positive people lift you up and help you out.


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psychic humor !  I also feel what I do for a living can be very weird and strange unusual and some people think it’s wrong .  It’s OK to believe these things because I think it’s also strange and unusual that I can do this as well .  Let us all enjoy this and have a good time and if you’re here to just check out my website welcome and if you would like to purchase a private reading spots are available please check out my blog and check out my radio show the worry show !

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Lady Stardust with the stars of supernatural  Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles 

Lady Stardust  would love to be able to be on television to help others with difficult decisions and choices and help with guidance and support with Lady Stardust’s abilities.  She would love to be able to go to hospitals and help people that are on life-support or coma to get their final words out  to their families , she would like to go to Well known haunted  locations  and do an investigation and tried to solve the mystery of these locations.  She would love to be on TLC or the E network.  You can help by tweeting sharing  all of the posts Lady Stardust shares. You can find her here and on social media!  She would love to do a television show with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles  and also some of her friends that are spiritual as well and work as a team .  The show would not be like any other television show this would be very different.  This is not trying to catch a ghost on television this is a show to be able to get answers about the unknown and to help people with their struggles.

Lady Stardust  with Aaron Goodwin  from the TV show ghost adventures 

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 with all the shootings going on in the world and all the violence the bullying needs to stop.  Inspirational quote of the day don’t be an asshole!  Whatever happened to manners and respect for one another?!  We now live in a world where we can’t go to the grocery store without being afraid that we won’t make it home .  We need to quit judging people by what they like.  We are individuals and we do things differently if we were all the same life would be very boring.  Embrace your identity .  Please  help spread awareness of bullying by paying it forward.  Help somebody  cross the street open up doors for people pay for somebody’s meal  help a homeless person get a hot meal and a shower .  Doing these things can make you a better person and paying it forward can help them realize not everybody is an asshole . 

 If you know someone who is being bullied or you want to better yourself by being a better person I can help guide them in the right steps .  Please purchase a reading with me $25 for an hour and it’s buy one get one free .  We all need to stop being enemies and judging people by what they do .  

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